• True Full Cash Out VA Loan

    Thumbs up for the Cash Out VA Loan – The cash out VA loan has become more and more popular due to the ability to maximize your equity up to the full value of your home. This allows veterans to tap into an amazing resource that, unlike other types of financing, still offers home owners… [Continue Reading]

    True Full Cash Out VA Loan
  • Apply for No Cost VA Streamline Refinance Loan

    Graduate to the Top of your Class – Thousands of lenders are charging origination fees on VA streamline refinance loans…actually all VA loans for that matter. More and more veterans are finding places like VAloanlending.com, where they can get connected with banks with no cost VA streamline refinances. Join the millions of intelligent veterans and… [Continue Reading]

    Apply for No Cost VA Streamline Refinance Loan
  • VA First Time Home Buyer

    If you are a VA first time home buyer and you served or still serve in the US Military, you are at an advantage over everyone else. VA loans are the perfect tool for all first time home buyers that qualify. If you want a loan that has no down payment requirements with lower rates,… [Continue Reading]

    VA First Time Home Buyer
  • VA County Loan Limits

    A list of VA county loan limits is published by VA each year. The single family loan limit is set at $453,100, beginning January 1, 2018. All county loan limits are considered the maximum a veteran can borrow with no down payment. To exceed the county loan limits, see County Loan Limit vs Maximum Loan Amount.… [Continue Reading]

    VA County Loan Limits
  • VA Jumbo Loan

    Contrary to popular belief, any qualified veteran and active military personnel can get a zero down Jumbo VA loan above the conforming loan limit of $453,100 (depending on county loan limit restrictions). Some lenders have their own loan limit restrictions as well but when you inquire about jumbo VA loans through VAloanlending.com, you will always… [Continue Reading]

    VA Jumbo Loan
Find the best va loan at Free VA Loan

When buying a home, nothing will make your loved ones more happy than saving money on your VA loan. Learn what to expect when you close a VA loan and one trick that can literally save you thousands.

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Apply for a VA loan

When you apply for a VA loan, you'll want to be prepared. Know what the lender wants before you apply and you'll make things easier for yourself. Learn the 3 easy steps to get pre-qualified for a VA Loan.

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Check out your VA county loan limits

Did you know you can purchase or refinance a home over the VA loan limits in your county? Find all the information that some lenders don't even know about getting a VA loan over the county loan limits.

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va mortgage rates

VA Mortgage Rates

Get today's VA Mortgage Rates at the touch of a button. Find out what information you should look for when comparing VA mortgage rate quotes.

apply for a va loan

Apply for a VA Loan

Learn what to look for when you apply for a VA loan. Get connected to a VA Certified Federal Bank providing VA loans with NO origination fees.

VA Loan for First Time Home Buyers

VA First Time Home Buyer

Are you a first time home buyer looking to use your VA loan eligibility? Find out all you need to know about VA loans so you can be more prepared when you apply for one at the bank.
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Are you researching information about VA loans? Would you like a single place to come for updates about veteran financing, like information from Veterans Affairs? Browse through the dozens articles provided to assist you in your efforts. Find anything from VA loan circulars to information about VA loan guidelines and lending practices. When you're ready, a VA Loan Specialist is waiting by to help you.

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Over half of the lenders doing VA loans don't know this. Find all of the information here that you need to get 2 VA loans at the same time. Then when you're ready, fill out a request form and get started using your VA Eligibility to the max!


How much are VA loan closing costs?

How much are VA closing costsSometimes it seems like a roll of the dice to find the perfect balance between low VA mortgage rates and minimal fees. In general, VA rates are easy to find but knowing what fees are involved with each loan offer is a different story. Yet another article addresses the subject of the troubles veterans face when searching for “How much are VA Closing Costs?” Find out more about How much VA Loan closing costs are.

VA Closing Costs List

What Documents are Needed for a VA Loan?

Documents Needed for VA Loan Different documents need for differnt applicants

Documents needed for VA Loan approval can vary from one person to another. An active duty service member may be required to supply different documentation than a discharged veteran. A veteran on retirement income and a service connected disabled veteran both have fixed incomes. However, the type of documentation they submit for VA loan approval are different.

To find out exactly what you need for your VA loan, speak to a VA Loan Specialist. Otherwise, you can get a general idea of what documents are needed for VA loans here.
Required Documents

VA Loan Limits Info

How much VA loan

  "How much can I borrow for a VA home loan" is a question that often comes up during the home buying process. Many factors affect how much a veteran can borrow. I'll go over some of these points and help you to understand how these factors may affect you. VA Loan Limits Each year VA sets … [More...]

Debt Consolidation

Get VA loan bad credit

Trying to get a VA loan with bad credit might feel like you're shipwrecked with nowhere to go. Most lenders will tell you that you can't get a VA loan with bad credit, or more specifically, a credit score lower than 620. Don't be discouraged. This couldn't be further from the truth. I'll explain how … [More...]

VA 1st Timers

How long it takes to close a VA loan

It is one of the most common questions asked by future VA home buyers or home owners looking to refinance with a VA loan. “How long will it take to close?” There are many factors that go into determining how long it takes to close a VA loan. Each factor can add days to the process. A VA loan … [More...]


How Hybrid ARM Rates Adjust

An ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage, is a mortgage in which the interest rate of a loan changes after a specific period of time, as opposed to a fixed rate mortgage, or FRM, in which the rate stays the same through out the life of the loan. With a VA Hybrid ARM, similar to other Adjustable Rate … [More...]

Top 10 Mortgage Myths

Top 10 Mortgage Myths

How many times have you heard "Credit inquiries hurts your credit score" or "You can't refinance to 100% of the value of your home and still get cash out"? If you choose to believe these or any one of the other 8 mortgage myths, you could be costing yourself a lot of money.

Mortgage Myths